Hello, everyone, this is Piyusha. I’m the author and editor of this blog.My tryst with makeup began from my undergrad days when I discovered the fascinating world of makeup and skincare through blogs and Youtube. It transformed my humble kohl and lip gloss look to exploring and playing with foundations, eyeshadows, and lipsticks.

My blog’s name means ‘the attractive perspective’ which loosely reflects the philosophy of my life which is that of positivity and optimism. I always tend to look at things through ‘rose tinted’ glasses which signifies an optimistic look towards life.

I have a warm-medium skin tone with acne prone and sensitive skin, black eyes, and jet black hair. This blog is a one-stop location for a makeup junkie and someone who seeks out honest and unsponsored (unless stated otherwise) reviews on skincare/makeup products. You’ll also find skin care tips,  lots of looks and tutorials in this space.

Note: The information put here, are my own views towards a particular product and in no way do I intend to demean any brand or product. I have tried all the products mentioned in this space and all the pictures put here are clicked by me. I do a lot of research before doing a review.  Every review/look mentioned here are my own experiences towards a particular product or my own creations.

For inquiries, feel free to drop me a mail at thepeachyperspective@gmail.com.

Hope to see you around, have a great day 🙂