My travel beauty checklist!


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Hey everyone!

It’s the holiday season and I’ve had a share of my travel this month and hopefully will be traveling more soon so I thought I’d share my beauty checklist with you all which you can refer to while you are traveling this summers!

1. Sunscreen

No matter where you’re headed to packing a sunscreen is a must and I’m currently loving the Neutrogena Ultra-sheer dry touch sunblock which is perfect for my combination skin.

2. Moisturizer

When I’m traveling the weather shift makes my skin feel really dehydrated so I never forget to carry my Cetaphil Moisturizer along. Using a pea-sized amount ensures that my skin stays moisturized.

3. Lip products

I usually stay off makeup when I’m traveling and some tinted lip balms and some nude lipsticks are all I reach out for on most days. Currently, I’m loving the tinted lip balms from wet n wild and some of my nude lipstick picks for travel are Lakme argan oil lip color- ‘Soft mauve’, wet n wild Megalast-‘Mochalicious’.

4. Cleanser

I always carry my Cetaphil cleanser since I don’t trust any other brand on my face.

5. Face Mist

The long hours of traveling can really make my skin look dull and tired. To give it a boost of freshness I think my Kama Ayurveda rose water does a pretty great job!

6. Body mists/perfume vial

This is very essential as traveling can make you sweat a lot and body mists or perfumes just keep you refreshed and neutralize the smell of sweat.

Apart from these essentials, I alter my checklist depending on where I’m heading to and the weather conditions there. But this checklist sums up my basic travel beauty essentials that I can’t stay without wherever I go. I hope you found this helpful!

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