Trying out a new bodycare brand- Yves Rocher | REVIEW|

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my blog, it has been a while since my previous blog post but I’m back and will be regular with more posts henceforth! Today I’m reviewing a skincare/body care brand called ‘Yves Rocher’. Yves Rocher is a body care brand based in France but their products are also available in India on as well as their stores. I got this small kit which consists of a shower gel, relaxing body lotion, a soap and hand cream to try out thanks to my dearest friend who got this for me on her trip to France. I have been using the body lotion and shower gel for a few months now and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on these today.


Price: This kit retails for 10€ (Approx. INR 800) which is a good deal.

Olive Petit Grain Concentrated Shower gel

Firstly, this has a very cute packaging which extremely travel-friendly in my opinion.It has a sturdy cap that prevents any leakage. Coming to the smell, this has a fresh uplifting fragrance that has citrusy notes ( I hope you get what I’m trying to say because it’s really difficult to describe the fragrance) which lingers for quite some time post-shower. This lathers quite generously when used with a loofah but doesn’t dry out the skin which I like.



Olive Petit Grain Relaxing Body lotion

This is the next thing that I tried out from the kit and it smells exactly like the shower gel.  The packaging is similar to the shower gel with a sturdy cap.This lotion has a gel-like texture and consistency which is very lightweight on the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on the skin. It is decently hydrating and perfect for the daytime, especially in the summers but I prefer to use something richer and thick at night. If you’re someone with normal to slightly dry skin this would work best for you.



Overall, I enjoyed using these products and I’m not sure if these particular products are available in India or not but if it is I’d recommend you all to try this range. If you had to pick just one product of the two, I’d recommend getting the shower gel as I found it to be really exceptional. Meanwhile, I would be trying out the hand cream as well as the soap and update you all on how it fares for me!

Hope you found this helpful.

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