REVIEW FRIDAYS: Nykaa ‘Eyem Bold’ 24/7 eyeliner kajal- Ebony soul!

Hey everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Nykaa Eyem Bold 24/7 kajal in the shade ‘Ebony soul’  which was launched a few months back on Nykaa website. They have been crazy with new launches concerning eye makeup and since I needed a kajal I got this one to try! Read on to know more.


Price: This retails for INR 299 for 0.39gm of the product but I got it on discount recently in the Nykaa sale for INR 254. You can check it out HERE. 

Packaging: The product comes in a red cover packaging (pictured below) and in a twist up black packaging, with a pink gripper which is meant for the steady and precise application.


My take on the Product

As a regular wearer of kajal, I’m always on a lookout for better kajals. Nykaa has so many types of them and I was excited to try this one. Firstly, touching upon the pricing of this, I think it is quite affordably priced for the quality of the product. Although I’d say it is a teensy bit higher than the Maybelline ones I’ve tried however since Kajal is a staple for me I don’t really mind spending a little extra to try it out anyway. I like how the packaging is well thought out, it is quite sleek and looks elegant. The 1st thing I generally look out for in a Kajal is a twist up packaging because it’s just too much of a fuss to sharpen Kajals. The formulation and texture of the product are smooth and it is nicely pigmented. Another thing we girls look out for is smudge and budge proof kajals, this one was smudge proof. I tried to take this off with water and it’s waterproof indeed. I tried it on the upper lid as a liner as well and it didn’t move a bit which was impressive. I really like to use it on my upper lid as well since it saves me from the mess of liquid liners( don’t adore them much). Although this is smudge proof it comes off quite easily with a makeup remover and leaves a very minimal residue, a thing I hadn’t noticed in earlier kajals. I haven’t tried this for very long hours but it easily pulls off about 6 hours of wear time which is decent.  One thing, however, I noticed that the tip broke off when I applied it to the upper lid which was something unexpected where normally kajals don’t chip off that easily unless they’re highly smooth.


The WOW of the product

  • Affordably priced
  • Smooth in application and pigmented
  • Smudge-proof
  • Good packaging

The not-so-WOW of the product 

  • Availability- only Nykaa online and their select stores
  • Chipped off easily


Overall, I personally felt it was a fresh change from those usual drugstore kajals we’ve been seeing since ages and I’d recommend giving this a try if you’re a regular kajal wearer!

Hope you found this helpful!

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