REVIEW+ SWATCHES of *NEW* Maybelline Color Jolt Matte Intense lip paints!

Hey everyone!

Matte ‘lip paints’ are a huge trend and I saw a few brands launching these recently. Lip paints, in my opinion, have a texture that is similar to a creamy matte lipstick, a consistency like a liquid matte lipstick and a packaging like a gloss!They mostly have reds and pinks in this range though I wish they begin experimenting with a wider range of colours I picked up two pink shades from this range: ‘Don’t pink with me’ and ‘Flaunting my pink’


Price: These retail for INR 450 for 6ml of the product.These are available online as well as on Maybelline counters.

Packaging: These come in a colour-coded tube packaging which is incredibly cute and I love the outer packaging and the cap is quite sturdy. The applicator is has a slant and is soft which aids in the application of the product.


My take on the Product

I spotted these on Maybelline counters as well as online and I must admit I was lured by the packaging and purchased these on a whim. According to me, these are expensive for a drugstore brand like Maybelline and given the quantity of the product.  These have a very thin texture and a consistency like a gloss, they have a slightly citrusy scent which I really don’t mind because it goes off soon after application! Since these have a thin texture they aren’t fully opaque and require about two to three swipes to get full coverage. The texture of the product when freshly applied is creamy and it settles down to a matte finish in a few minutes. These do transfer and settle into fine lines. Talking about the lasting power, they barely survive a meal and last up to 3 to 4 hours if you have meals in between. What I love about these though is that they stain your lips like crazy! The stain wouldn’t go off even with a makeup remover. You could just apply a clear balm over this stain and you’d be good to go.



01 Don’t Pink With Me is a very pastel barbie pink kind of a shade. Honestly, this looked really different on the counter when I swatched it and so I got it. Sadly it was disappointing because this shade doesn’t work for me. It’d be best suited for fair and pale skin tones.


08 Flaunting My Pink This is a very bright flamingo pink. I have a weak point for such pink shades and I just can’t get enough of them. Do note it is quite bright, but it looks really flattering with neutral eyes. This shade would work for fair to medium skin tones.


The WOW of the product 

  • Cute and sturdy packaging
  • Stains your lips
  • Comfortable formula
  • No strong fragrances

The NOT-SO-WOW of the product

  • Expensive for the quantity of product
  • Settles in fine lines
  • Lasting power not that great

Overall, I wasn’t super impressed with these and I think Maybelline could be better at this: maybe if they improvise on the formulation and quantity. I was on the verge of purchasing a red from this range, but I cancelled out on the idea after trying these!

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