WINTER CARE: My thoughts on Dove ‘Nourishing Secrets’ range!

Hey everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing the new range of body lotions by Dove called the ‘Nourishing Secrets’. I have two variants: One is the coconut and almond oil and the other is avocado oil and calendula extracts.

Price: These retail for INR 299, however, I got it at a discounted price on You can buy it on Amazon HERE. Currently, Nykaa is also having a winter sale so you can grab these at good discounts as well.

Packaging: It comes in a standard white dove packaging and the cap is quite sturdy preventing any leaking of the product.


My take on the Product

I don’t really switch by body lotions much as I already have one that suits me perfectly.I was really excited to try these because they seemed quite promising and they were kind of an impulse purchase. These are body lotions meant for all skin types and they don’t have a very thick consistency and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. The price point is affordable and they’re easily available. Talking of the formulation, these aren’t intensely moisturizing and if you have dry skin you’d need to reapply this after a couple of hours. Both of these smell divine and I really enjoy using them. I’ll be talking about each of them in detail:


Avocado Oil & Calendula extracts- This has a very refreshing scent. It isn’t too floral or citrusy either and I think the avocado in it brings the right balance of fragrance to this lotion. Personally, for me, this works best for the daytime as it feels light and moisturizes enough.

Coconut Oil & Almond Oil- This has an extremely nutty and noticeable scent. It has the nutty scent of coconut and although it doesn’t have shea butter it does slightly smell like it. I prefer to use this at night as this feels more rich and moisturizing. If I were to choose from these two I’d definitely pick this one.

Overall, these lotions are decently moisturizing and I’d recommend this for people with normal to dry skin. However, I have really parched and dehydrated skin on my body so this doesn’t feel as moisturizing on my skin as it should.


The WOW of the product

  • Sturdy packaging and easily available
  • Affordable
  • Has very nice and pleasing scents
  • Decently moisturizing

The not-so-WOW of the product

  • Not suitable for very dry skin
  • Does contain parabens
  • Has a fragrance that lingers ( in case you don’t prefer strong fragrances)

I hope you found this helpful!

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